9 Areas That I Could Be of Value To You

You know how it is when you are talking with someone with a preset mindset but just because of something he said or did while you watched him talk, an idea came, or at least, a thought line modification.... Uhmm... That is what this is about. I blab away, perhaps, you might find a value you need in it. So... Please by all means go on.

I am African.

That obvious uh?... Well, just being sure it is without doubt considering the global medium you are viewing from. As clarified on my 'About Me', I am a Yoruba woman by descent.

I am .... it.

Yeah, I feel that way when I am here but also a little bit there sometimes. Generally, I am calm, courteous, observant and warm but more specifically, I am passionate about things I commit to, friendly, usually make people laugh, expressive and can be playful. Other times, I am serious, strict, driven, professional and high up my nose.
See what I mean? Across board, I am usually creatively smart about whatever is up.

I have a sense of balance for things. 

I can be firm or indulgent in respect to varying circumstances, I prefer to multi task things, than doing one thing at a time. I like to set competitive goals for myself and the unconscious act of completing my tasks, all at top notch is the sweet savor that keeps me at them.

I love 'some kind' of art more.

Much as I pride myself in my artistic side, I admit that I do not have the drive to be most kind of art but I do admire much all kinds of art. So my limited edition of arts I love to function in are writing, acting, dancing, concept building and movie watching.... trust me, its an art.

I multi task effectively and is spontaneous.

Talk about 'Jack of all trades, master of it all'.
Limited only by choice, I can do a number of things at once. I tend to create spontaneous systems around stuff to solve them, using acronyms, anticipations etc. I am also spontaneous in terms of response to people, situations and emergencies. You can hardly catch me off guard. Some people think I should have been a lawyer, police, CIA, crisis control or public relations officer or even an ambassador.... Uhmm!

I am good with people and resource management.

I figure this is one of my finest qualities, more times than I can count, dealing appropriately with people and resources have sustained me through trying times, bad judgements and unneccesary miscommunication backfires. I also self motivate effortlessly. Sometimes, seeing me struggle with finesse and broad smiles is all some people need to sit them up. Oh! Haven't I mentioned it? I am a great teacher too! In almost all my teaching experiences (freelance or standard; kids or teenagers; normal or special children), I record remarkably and speedy positive influences on my students.

I learn fast and is an excellent copy-N-upgrade cat.

Unlike a copycat, I can pick out good values and ramp it up for my purposes, this helps me learn new things fast and apply uniquely where required. For instance, one of my secrets to self training on 12 skills of animations in less than 2 years is my self coined concept- 'copy-N-upgrade cat'!

I am an entrepreneur.

I have been some form of an entrepreneur since I knew that biscuits cost money. From quite young, I without learning, understood power of persuasion to exchange what I can offer for what I want. Today, I am a founding business partner with Novel Express Tasty Foods, founding business owner of BusyBissy Media Productions and offer freelance services off and online too.

I have got grey areas too.

Oh yes, I do. For starts, I am lazy about domestic work, I don't tolerate bad manners and is clear and expressive when upset (can't keep quiet but not abusive).
Yeah... I am not perfect but I attempt to improve at it though, a little shed off here and there and I keep upgrading into a better version of myself.


What do you think?

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